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Victim or Guilty?

Suffering from creativity block is quite serious and demanding at times you want to get back to your work, and press the necessary keys that will hold tight your thoughts. To fight this, I had read other books in different areas, tried other interests into reality, and even studied a new language -- hoping that… Continue reading Victim or Guilty?


Untitled #3

Wherever I turn my eyes,Extend my vision beyond afarSearching stuffs that might be enthralled;People, places, and things I can clearly see,But you are still the one I yearn to be with. Is there a chance for you to see?My humble, aching, and needy heart;Rooting for you from thousand miles.Anticipating your bright and heaven-like smile,Will I… Continue reading Untitled #3

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Filipinos, What Are You Good At?

Every nationality has its own strength as well as weakness. Personally, I love my country, and to be her citizen is something that I’m proud of.  However, there are times I disgust those ingrained negative traits, customs, beliefs, and mindsets of my race; to the extent that I envy other nationalities, not only my Asian… Continue reading Filipinos, What Are You Good At?

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Pick the Best, Juan!

Ten days to go before Filipinos are anticipated to perform suffrage. It is one of the privileges of being a citizen in a democratic government. We ought to thank the Athenians for that concept, even though Filipinos' democracy itself is extremely different from the former's and from the United States' (U.S.A) -- who once colonized… Continue reading Pick the Best, Juan!